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(1) Hour Coaching Assessment

(2) 1-1 Coaching Sessions

(1) Group Coaching Session

(1) On Course Group Coaching Session

(5) Small/medium range baskets


What is a Coaching Assessment?

Simply a 1-hour lesson. Each student receives a goal sheet that determines the individual goal for the program. The student will spend 25 minutes on short game and 25 minutes on long game with 10 minutes to review the assessment.


What is a 1-1 Coaching Session?

Simply a 1-hour lesson focused on the students' goals and previous sessions and assessments.


What is a Group Coaching Session?

Clinic style with a focus on either short or long game. Each session centers around a game to simulate mental strategies needed on the course.


What is a On Course Group Session?

Simply a playing lesson with 2-4 other players and your coach. Coaches don’t play during the first on course session so they can assist and evaluate each player. On course lessons are typically 2.5 hours. Greens fees and warm up are included. Additional fees apply for 18 holes sessions.



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